3 Steps to better scores

3 x 90 minute lessons

This course takes place on the Putting Green, Driving Range and short course.
There are three main points to be addressed;

  1. Putting
    • Your correct set up
    • Correct alignment
    • Aiming the clubface
    • The puting motion
    • Reading greens
    • Controlling distance
    • Hole more short putts
    • No more 3 putts
  2. Approaching the green
    • Which shot is right?
    • Which club should I take?
    • Controlling the ball flight and distance
    • Management
    • Getting the ball near to the hole
    • Fewer shots per round
  3. Tee shots
    • Assessing the Tee shot
    • Checking the set up
    • Why are my shots how they are?
    • Improving the swing path and plane
    • Getting more consistent and longer
    • The right choice from the tee
    • Proper practise and challenges

Participants; 3. Price per Person 115€