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P7 Golf is a concept from PGA Advanced Professional Andy Jinks. It encompasses seven parts, all beginning with the letter P. These are points that are required to play good golf.

It is not about a particular way to swing a club or a special short game technique. It is a system that shows you, the golf player, different areas of the game and ways to improve them. The points should all be tailored to your individual needs to help you become a better golfer.

The individual parts are detailed below.


Performance comes first. Performance under pressure is the ultimate goal. This is the culmination of the points listed and the methods and concepts that lie behind them.


Power is required to propel the ball far enough to enable us to get around the golf course in a reasonable number of strokes. The correct swing technique will make this easier. That doesn't mean that all swings are the same or that there is only one way to swing. The goal is to have a swing that works and repeats. The use of a launch monitor can help to optimise your ball flight giving you more length and also helping to let you know which club you need for which distance.


Precision is about having control when playing to the hole. Distance and direction combined, regardless of the type of shot we require. It is no good being able to hit the ball a long way if you don't know where it is going. The ability to hit the correct distance is also important, whether it be the club selection or the type of swing needed. Technique and exercises that simulate playing situations are used to achieve this.


Preparation encompasses a lot of things. The things we need for a specific round of golf, including our equipment and if needed a practice round. Preparing ourselves for practice with good warming up. The way we have used our training time to be at our best at the right time. Being fit and rested enough to play to our true ability. Having a healthy lifestyle and a good diet.


Planning is required for a lot of things, just as in life, we need to plan well for golf to give ourselves the chance to play good golf. We should have planning in our training and in our game. This includes planning the time to train and also what we are going to train. What is my plan for the practice I am going to do today? What is the plan for the round I am going to play, even so far as asking what is the plan for the hole I am about to play or in fact the shot I am about to execute? Being sure that we allow ourselves the time needed for our training, practice rounds and tournaments. The correct planning should tie in with preparation and allow us to peak at the right time for performance.


Procedure is about doing things the same, being able to repeat our technique with confidence. When we practice correctly we don't just hit balls, we try to simulate the game, that means using our mind as well as our bodies. By doing this we train the routines that we will need out on the course when it counts.


Patience means giving ourselves time to learn the skills we need to play to our potential. Golf is a complex and difficult game that takes time to learn well. Once we can actually play it is still necessary to be patient. Out on the course things don't always go to plan and getting annoyed at ourselves or the clubs won't help. Keeping calm and giving ourselves a chance is the best way to get to the results we desire.