Advanced courses

Midweek Golfers

This course takes place, as its name suggests, in the middle of the week. This is a tailor made course. The small groups that take part can decide themselves if there are distinct areas of their games they wish to work on, or through a process of analysis we can suggest a programme for them. Over a period of several weeks these various aspects of the golf game are addressed and improved. Depending on the specific group, much of the training takes place on the golf course to duplicate real playing situations as much as possible. Video analysis and launch monitor testing can be used as required. This course can also be booked at other times, the content of “Early Bird” and “Thursday Club” is similar.

Players Course

Training entails playing 9 holes on the course accompanied by a professional. You will get tips and help, and also an analysis of your game to let you see the strengths and weaknesses. This is followed by instruction on the range and short game area or green. You will be given a training plan with practical exercises to aid you in your improvement. This course can be done individually or in groups of up to three people. It is also possible to repeat the process at regular intervals to check your progress and review your programme.

Master classes

These classes are conducted with a very low pupil to professional ratio of not more than three to one. The training is focused on one specific point (e.g. putting) and works intensively on this area of the game. Your improvement is practically guaranteed and you will leave the course with a new awareness of what to train and how to do this.

During the season we offer other group courses; Seniors training and trainings weeks for children and adults are just some examples.