54 to 36

6 x 60 minutes of lessons

This course is for those who have achieved the “Platzreife” and now wish to reach the next level. The training takes place on the Putting Green, Driving Range, short course and golf course.
The main points to be addressed are;

  1. Putting
    • Your correct set up
    • Aiming properly
    • Stabilising the putting motion
    • Reading greens
    • Controlling distance
  2. Approaching the green
    • What options do I have?
    • Which club should I take?
    • Controlling distance
    • Hitting the green more often
  3. The long game
    • Checking the set up
    • Assessing the swing
    • Club selection
    • Getting more consistent and longer
    • The right choice from the tee
    • Practise drills
  4. Bunker play
    • Set up for success
    • Swing technique
    • Hitting the green
    • Getting consistent
  5. Different lies
    • Uphill and downhill
    • Ball above and below the feet
    • How does the situation affect my club selection?

Participants; 3. Price per Person 140€ (The course can also be booked individually)